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Theia Laser Eye Block (box of 25 pair) - Eye Shields for Laser Protection

Theia Laser Eye Block (box of 25 pair) - Eye Shields for Laser Protection

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Theia Eye Patches are comfortable, ergonomically designed, latex-fee, hypoallergenic, adhesive eye shields containing a patent-pending, inner laser shield and design.

The Laser Eye Block provides protection from all lasers operating between 190-10,600nm with an optical density of 7. In addition, the Laser Eye Block product is certified to protect against any damaging heat transfer or degradation up to five seconds of continual laser radiation.

Theia Eye Patche Features

  • Secure Lock side Tab
  • Exclusive Vertical Removal Tab
  • Theia Patent Pending Comfort Zone
  • Pro4 Adhesive Ring
  • Hypoallergenic

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