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Laser Facility Design Services

Laser Facility Design Services

Laser Facility Design

RLI assists in the overall laser safety review of proposed facilities and suggests detailed specifications relative to the requirements of a laser controlled area as outlined by relevant ANSI standards.

For more information regarding laser facility design services, please contact us via email or call a consulting representative at (800) 94-LASER.


Laser Facility Design Services

Rockwell Laser Industries provides a unique service to laboratory planners and facility engineers to assist in the overall laser safety review of the proposed facility and detailed specification relative to the requirements of a Laser Controlled area as specified by ANSI Z 136. This service is available for industrial, medical and laser entertainment facilities with all types of lasers.

The specifications covered include:

  • Laser safety specifications: fulfilling requirements of ANSI Z-136 and applicable government standards
  • Controlled area design Laser safety equipment: specifying suppliers for laser safety equipment such as signs, interlocks, window filters, eyewear...etc.
  • Electrical power installation: specification of electrical service (110, 220, 460/480 VAC) required for lasers to be installed
  • Gas installation: specification of gas regulation, pressure control, toxic gas sensors, warnings...etc.
  • Cooling water: specifications for flow rates, water pressure and regulation
  • SOP's: written standard operating procedures for the laser equipment to be installed
  • Operation, maintenance and service: distinctions and safety requirements for each

When assisting a client with Laser Facility Design, RLI meets at the outset to establish the overall plan for the facility and to determine the requirements for each laser to be installed. Laser safety regulation requirements are outlined at that time along with physical requirements for laser operation. RLI then provides a detailed report of recommendations and design requirements for the client.

For more information regarding Laser Facility Design Services, please contact us via email or call a consulting representative at (800) 94-LASER.

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