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Laser Safety Articles

Laser Safety Articles

Laser Safety Articles

In an effort to provide a more complete understanding within the laser industry, we are assembling a collection of articles that address various aspects of laser safety.

For more information about our laser safety articles, please contact us via email or call an RLI representative at (800) 94-LASER.



Making Laser Safety a Priority

An article, reprinted with permission from the May, 2009 issue of Photonics Spectra, copyright Laurin Publishing, takes a look at laser accidents and the need to raise awareness levels in the workplace.

The Laser Safety Officer

This paper outlines the duties and responsibilities of the laser safety officer. It is ideal material for the first time laser user, as well as a good refresher for those who have worked with lasers for some time. The article covers such information as:  what is a laser safety officer, who needs a laser safety officer, and what does a laser safety officer do.

Labeling Requirements for Laser Windows and View Ports

This is a review of the applicable documentation regarding labeling requirements for windows and view ports. The article addresses the "user - vs- manufacturer" question that often arises when new equipment is purchased. Included in the article are references to applicable sections of appropriate standards.

Laser Standards and Classifications

Among the most often asked questions in the laser industry is that of the differences between the various laser standards and classifications. This article is an effort to provide some clarity on the subject.

Safety Recommendations of Laser Pointers

The use of laser diode pointers that operate in the visible radiation region (400 to 760 nanometers [nm]) is widespread. This article addresses safety concerns with everyday use.


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