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Securitrion M32F Face Mount 600 lb. Magnetic Door Lock

Securitrion M32F Face Mount 600 lb. Magnetic Door Lock

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The Securitron M32 electromagnetic lock is ideal for traffic control in high-use areas within secured or monitored perimeters. With unsurpassed durability, the Securitron M32 will last long after most buildings wear out. Applications include storage areas, rooms, and hallways where reliability, high durability and low-maintenance are required.

Product Features

  • Ten feet (3.05m) of jacketed, stranded conductor cable
  • Architectural brushed stainless steel finish (US32D/630)
  • Dress Covers available
  • All ferrous metal surfaces plated to MIL specification
  • Lock options include BondSTAT magnetic bond sensor and integrated door position switch
  • UL Listed
  • Hardware accessories available to configure any opening
  • Fully sealed electronics - tamper and weather resistant
  • Patented instant release circuit - no residual magnetism
  • Mounted using steel machine screws into blind finishing nuts
  • Surface mounts easily with a minimum of tools

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