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Laser Safety (Book)

Laser Safety (Book)

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This book is intended as a practical and comprehensive handbook in laser safety for those using and working with lasers in industry, academic research, medicine and other areas, for those having responsibility for safety in organisations where lasers are in use, and also for those who manufacture lasers and laser-based products who need to understand the safety issues and requirements involved in laser use.

Laser Safety explains in detail the biological effects of laser radiation, particularly on the eye, the provisions and requirements of the international laser safety standard IEC 60825-1 (including a full description of the recently revised system of laser classification) and discusses practical issues of risk assessment, safety controls, eye protection and laser safety management. It also explains the rationale for the often-complex laser emission and exposure limits given in the standard, and provides detailed guidance for using the standard to carry out quantitative laser assessments. The book provides a unique and readily-understandable review of current laser safety, covering both the underlying theory and practical applications.

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