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Laser Accident Database

Laser Accident Detail

Laser Accident Detail

The laser accident database maintained by Rockwell Laser Industries has been gathered from a broad range of sources since 1964. By studying this data, the laser community as a whole can promote the safe and knowledgeable use of lasers and prevent similar events from occurring in their own facilities.

For more information about the laser accident database, please contact us via email or call an RLI representative at (800) 94-LASER.


Accident Detail

Case Nbr5315
Accident Year1979
Laser TypeNd:YAG
Exposure Time100 ms
Output1.5 W
Pulse Rate10 Hz
Beam Diameter0.5
SubjectFactory Worker
ProtectionAvailable, Used
Eye DamageInternal
CauseImproper Choice of Protective Equipment
DescriptionDuring alignment of laser on production line through an opening in the top. During adjustment, eyewear slid up as he leaned over. Reflection from test paper went into eye causing a bright afterimage lasting 20 minutes and faded into a central scotoma.

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