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ZAP-IT® Target Paper: 50 sheets

ZAP-IT® Target Paper: 50 sheets

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ZAP-IT® paper provides a means to provide a quick, thermally based estimate of beam image and size. The paper is thermally sensitive over a broad spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared and is useful in external alignments of accessories relative to the laser beam axis, such as beam expanders, lenses, apertures, attenuators, and power measuring equipment. It is simple to use. Hold or fasten it in the beam path at the point where the beam imprint is to be recorded. Pulse the laser and a permanent visual record is produced, corresponding to the energy distribution within the laser beam. If the laser being used is continuous wave (CW), you can create a short pulse by Q-switch, mechanical chopper, or by physically turning the laser on and off rapidly.

Pulse Width Range: 1 ns to 30 ms
Power Level Range: 5 mj/cm² to 20 j/cm²
Standard size: 4" x 8", 50 sheets per box.