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Online Laser Safety Training Courses

Online Laser Safety Training Courses

Online Laser Safety Training Courses

We offer a series of online laser safety courses to take on demand. They are a great way to learn the basic concepts of laser safety.

  • Developed by leading experts in laser safety
  • SCORM Compliant
  • Corporate site licenses available
  • Customization is available

For more information about online laser safety training, please contact an RLI sales representative by email or by phone at (800) 94-LASER.


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Price: $79.00

This three module introductory level course provides an overview of laser safety for personnel in and around the working environment with enclosed high powered laser systems as well as low powered visible lasers.

Length: 00:31:00 (61 slides)

Price: $195.00

This introductory course covers laser safety requirements in the manufacturing environment. The course is designed for those who operate, service and maintain laser systems.

Length: 02:22:15 (121 slides)


Based on the applicable EN and IEC Laser Safety Standards, this course will provide you with an understanding of the characteristics of laser light, the nature of laser hazards, and the meaning of the different laser classes.

Length: 01:52:35 (113 slides)

This medical laser safety awareness course is for those who are new to the field. At the end of the course you will understand basic laser science and be able to identify the components of commonly used medical lasers and their delivery systems.
This program is divided into a Physics Module and a Medical Devices Module. The Physics Module introduces students to the properties and physics of laser light. The Medical Devices Module focuses how laser light interacts with different absorbers in tissue with a variety of different medical lasers and delivery systems. It also looks at the key specialties utilizing this technology.

This medical laser safety course is an annual refresher that covers the basic laser science as the foundation for staff, Laser Operators, Laser Users and/or Laser Safety Officers. It also reviews the direct and reflected beam hazards to the eyes and skin, as well as the appropriate selection of laser safety eyewear for patients and staff.

Students must pass the Basic Medical Laser Safety course before taking this refresher.

This course will introduce you to the properties of laser light along with the discussion of beam hazards and associated safety control measures.

This course is broken down into five sections: “Physics”, “Medical Devices”, “Beam Hazards”, “Non-Beam Hazards“, and “The Laser Safety Program”.

The “Physics“ section will introduce you to the properties and physics of laser light. The “Medical Devices” section will discuss how this unique form of light interacts with different absorbers in tissue along with a variety of different medical lasers, delivery systems and the key specialties utilizing this technology. The third and fourth sections address beam and non-beam hazards associated with lasers. The last section will address the process of establishing Laser Safety Policies and Procedures, which will become the baseline for developing a clinically relevant Laser Safety Program.


This course provides you with a fundamental understanding of light based hair reduction (LBHR) using laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) technology. The units explore skin & hair anatomy and physiology, hair interaction with light based therapy, hair removal treatment protocols, patient consultation and education.

This package also includes a four unit Laser/IPL Physics & Safety 'Core of Knowledge' prerequisite course, covering relevant standards and regulations governing laser and IPL use in professional settings in the United States.


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