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Optical Cleaning Kit

Optical Cleaning Kit

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Proper cleaning of optical surfaces, such as used in laser-optical systems, requires a special combination of cleaners. chemicals, materials and tools. These are conveniently packaged together in the RLI model OCK-91 Optical Cleaning Kit. The kit contains the purest reagents and materials required for cleaning the most demanding optical finishes.

The kit is packaged in a sturdy vinyl case for ease of storage and portability. The kit contains: forceps to firmly hold the lens cleaning tissues, additional snouted dispenser bottle to hold distilled water (not supplied), airbrush. cotton-tipped applicators, optolux® (pure optical cleaning soap reagent), neotace® (chemical acetone based cleaning reagent), a pipet dropper to deliver optolux and surgical gloves. Included in the kit is a manual detailing optical cleaning methods. Replacement reagents and lens cleaning tissues are available separately.