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Vega Color Screen Laser Power/Energy Meter

Vega Color Screen Laser Power/Energy Meter

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For information regarding detector head selection, please contact RLI via email or by calling (800) 94-LASER.

The Vega is the most versatile and sophisticated handheld laser power/energy meter on the market. Just plug in one of the many Ophir sensors and you have a whole measurement laboratory at your fingertips. The bright color display gives unparalleled legibility and ease of interpreting information. Besides measuring power or energy from pJ and pW to hundreds of Joules and thousands of watts, the Vega has many on board features such as laser tuning, data logging, graphing, normalize, power or energy density units, attenuation scaling, max and min limits.

For those who prefer an analog display, the Vega can also display the power or energy with a high resolution simulated analog needle display. The Vega can be operated either by battery or from an AC source with the charger plugged in at all times. Its bright display and backlit keys allow easy use in dark room conditions or with laser glasses on.

The built-in USB and RS232 interfaces and StarLab and StarCom PC software allow on-line processing of data or processing previously stored data; results are displayed graphically on a PC. To support PC interfacing, LabVIEW drivers, COM Object Interface and ActiveX controls are provided.
  • Compatible with all Ophir thermal, pyroelectric and photodiode sensors
  • Brlliant color large size TFT 320x240 display
  • Compact handheld design with rubberized bumpers and optimized 2 position kickstand
  • Choice of digital or analog needle display
  • Iluminated keys for working in the dark
  • Analog output
  • Log every point at up to 4000Hz with pyro sensors
  • Non volatile data storage up to 250,000 points
  • Laser tuning screen and power and energy log
  • NIST traceable and CE marked
  • Soft keys and menu driven functions with on line help
  • Many software features such as density, min/max, scaling etc.

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