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Laparoscopic Smoke Evacuator Tubing Kit with Valve(Sterile)

Laparoscopic Smoke Evacuator Tubing Kit with Valve(Sterile)

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Buffalo Filter's BLAP tubing options are designed for laparoscopic procedures. These tubing sets allow surgical staff to quickly and efficiently clear smoke from the peritoneal cavity during laparoscopic procedures. BLAP100V's smoke suction is controlled by depressing the in-line valve.

- Easy to use
- Sterile
- Latex Free
- Smoke Control Valve
- Surgical Drape Clasp
- Luer Connector for Trocar/Cannula

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Laparoscopic/Endoscopic Smoke Evacuation Tubing Kit w/ Valve Kit contains: Connector to 7/8" (22mm) filter inlet, 1/4"(6mm) x 10' (3050mm) Smoke Control Valve, Surgical Drape Clasp, and Luer Connector for Trocar/Cannula. Sterile Kit

Qty 12 per Box