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M-265 Comprehensive Laser Maintenance and Repair

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Course Nbr: M-265
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List Price: $6,850.00

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Level: Specialty

Length: 7 Days

Registration includes Course with 8 nights Hotel, Lunch & Breakfasts, plus one group Dinner, and additionally covers the fee for the Laser Repair Technician Certification Exam through the NCLC.

This course must be paid in full prior to attending.

This seven day school is designed to teach hands-on procedures (alignments, calibrations, optics assembly & cleaning, etc.) to the electronically experienced biomedical engineer.

The first four days of the program focuses on the CORE laser & optical components and subassemblies that are common to all laser systems (like a general mechanics class for cars). This allows the engineer to provide the periodic maintenance on ALL of their hospital laser systems, and provide front line service repair on most. This is accomplished through extensive hands-on work with CO2, Argon and Nd:Yag laser systems which are representative of the majority of subassemblies in ALL lasers.

The last three days of the program delve into more depth with some specific laser systems, and spends more time with ophthalmic laser systems including Q-switched Yags, and the surgical Ho:Yag. Procedures on the KTP, Pulsed dye and Alexandrite lasers are reviewed in demonstration and VideoConference. Specific procedures on additional models of lasers will also be performed, and these additional models will rotate and change from course to course.

The weeklong program will cover theory on laser biophysics, more advanced laser physics and laser electro-optics, and biological effects and surgical techniques which are all included on various sections of the NCLC laser certification exam. An adequate faculty to student ratio is always maintained by expanding faculty based upon course registration to keep it approximately 4 students average per faculty. Most classes average 8-12 students. An intensive review session is held at the end of the class in preparation for the Laser Certification exam, for those taking it. Don't expect to be a laser expert at the end of the course, but you can expect to be able to provide your normal laser preventive maintenance, frontline troubleshooting and replacement of standard components like flashlamps, dye cartridges, deionizer cartridges and optics.

This is a comprehensive program on Laser Repair. It starts at the beginning and sets the foundation for learning laser optics and subassemblies in most systems, and teaches "bread and butter" alignments, PM's and troubleshooting on the "mainstay" lasers. It then focuses on more specific types of lasers and more in-depth procedures on ophthalmic lasers and systems such as Pulsed Dye and KTP lasers. The course emphasizes "hands-on" with LOTS of touching and doing, and works toward developing an underlying understanding of lasers and maintenance procedures, rather than rote rule memorization. This is truly a "Laser Mechanics" course.

What You Get:

  • Seven Day Course. Printed b/w course manuals. Electronic color pdf copy of the powerpoint presentations and course manuals.
  • Hotel for 8 nights - Drury Inn Convention Center, downtown Columbus Ohio
  • All breakfasts, lunches and one group dinner
  • Laser Repair Technician Certification Exam - through the NCLC. Taken at the option of the attendee, but included with the course.
  • Misc laser resources and materials provided on a memory stick for each student (articles, laser videos, presentations, etc)
  • Access to faculty on an ongoing basis for continued support. Basic phone support for free and service backup at competetive rates.
  • Eligibility to register for individual "Advanced" training on specific makes/models of lasers, at your own facility or the faculty's. (must be an alumni to be eligible)

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