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Coherent PowerMax USB Beam Position Sensing Thermopile

Coherent PowerMax USB Beam Position Sensing Thermopile

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This thermopile sensor is designed is measure both power and beam position of a laser source. The beam position feature is ideal for beam pointing stability measurement. The PowerMax USB thermopile beam position sensor from Coherent features a plug and play USB interface connecting directly to your PC without the need for additional meter instrument. This platform provides a more cost competitive solution to the traditional sensor/meter combination. Additionally, recalibration cost will be cut in half because only one recalibration is required versus recalibration of sensor and meter.

  • USB plug and play interface
  • Spectrally flat from 0.19mm to 11mm
  • Measures power and beam position on detector surface
  • Data logging
  • Displays beam position graphical and numerical
  • Trending, tuning and histogram
  • Statistics (Mean, minimum, maximum and standard deviation)
  • Operate multiple devices simultaneously

Detector Material Quad Element Thermopile
Wavelength Range(µm) 0.25 - 10.6
Power Range 100mW - 45W
Long-Pulse Range (J) 0.5 - 10
Max Power Density(kW/cm²) 6
Max Energy Density (mJ/cm², 10ns, 1064nm)   0.5
Active Area Diameter (mm) 19
Calibration Uncertainty (%, k=2) +/- 2
Calibration Wavelength (nm) 10,600
Cooling Method Air
Cable Length (m) 2.5
Coherent P/N 1168342

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